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Alexander Dane Farnham was born in Burlington, Vermont on October 16, 1987. He moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii at age five and attended public school until enrolling in Hualalai Academy, a private school strong in the performing arts, for his high school years. After graduating from the Academy he attended L. A. Film School where he completed a 12 month immersion course in filmaking, with concentrations in acting, directing and editing.


He started making videos when he was 12 years old and completed his first commercial film when he was 14. It was a documentary filmed during and for the Jacque Mayol Memorial International Freediving Competition, held in Kona, in 2002. It received a standing ovation when aired at the closing ceremonies of the competition. For the next few years he concentrated on making videos for his own entertainment and developing his film-making and acting skills. During that time he also entered several film competions and contests, usually for marekting purposes, and managed to win or place in several.


After graduating from film school, he started making videos for distribution on YouTube. He now has two very popular YouTube channels and has created over 400 original videos for those channels. His primary channel, DamItsGood808, has garnered over 40 million views and has over 200,000 subscribers. His videos are predominately comical and cover a variety of timely subjects, especially in the world of entertainment. He has created several music videos and his songs are featured on itunes. com. He has also done several mock audition videos, based on popular recent films or film "sequels."


He is now creating five to ten new videos per month and seeking to expand his resume as a professional actor. He was recently the male lead in a full length film produced in Kansas City, yet to be released. He appeared as one of 12 principals in an eight part reality series produced for and released to the web, and he recently appeared as two Johnny Depp characters in a major motion picture released in March of 2012.


In August of this year he was hired by The Discovery Network, Revision 3 Division to create and host a new digital program entitled Animalist News. The program, appearing on and also on the Revision 3 website, has been very well received and is helping Alex increase his popularity and build skills.




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