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May 25, 2014 - ALEX TEAMS UP WITH STEVE ZARAGOZA - SourceFed star and Alex  play "Name This Hybrid Animal" on Animalist News


October 16, 2013 - YOUTUBE.COM - An Alex  feature for "Animalist News" makes YouTube's "Most Favorited" list.


October 14, 2013 - WEST HAWAII TODAY - Alex chosen to host and create content for new digital channel by "The Disocvery Network."


February 14, 2012 - WWW.REDDIT.COM - Alex featured on portal site.


October, 2011 - ALEX CHOSEN FOR REALITY SHOW - Alex is selected to participate in a six part reality series,to be aired on the internet, to promote the new release of the video game, Battle Field 3.


August, 2011 - ALEX TO APPEAR IN "TWILIGHT" SPOOF - Alex to play two Johnny Depp roles in the upcoming spoof of the Twilight Series movie "Breaking Dawn." The spoof to be entitled "Breaking Wind."


March 23, 2011 - ALEX TWITTER - Alex (aka Captain Jack Sparrow) appears at the premier of "Soul Surfer," the film about Bethany Hamilton, the shark attack victim who still surfs despite the trauma of losing an arm in the attack.


November 29, 2012 - GREYSON CHANCE TWITTER PAGE - Greyson thinks Alex's " Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside the Lines " video is "BEST PARODY EVER!"


October, 2012 - JUSTIN BIEBER TWITTER PAGE - Justin Likes Alex's "Justin Beiber in Hawaii" Video.


August, 2012 - BOUNTY CONTEST - Alex Named Finalist in "Bounty" Paper Towels Commercial Contest


July, 2012 - KATY PERRY WEBSITE -  Katy Perry features Alex Jersey Girl Parody on her Homepage


July 5, 2012 - WEST HAWAII TODAY - Farnham Featured in July 4th Parade


June, 2012 - KATY PERRY FACEBOOK - Katy Perry, likes “Jersey Shore Boys” Video


June, 2012 - HOSPICE OF KONA  -  “The Mad Hatter” at Hospice Fundraiser


April 5, 2012 - WEST HAWAII TODAY -  Farnham Wins National Video Contest


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